M·E·L Waste Insights appointed to WRAP Waste Composition Framework

M·E·L Waste Insights are celebrating, after becoming one of only four suppliers in the UK selected onto the WRAP Waste Composition Framework.

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) is a registered charity in the UK and are experts in Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency, working with businesses, governments and citizens to encourage the sustainable use of resources.

WRAP design, develop and manage the delivery of programmes that support more sustainable societies. This framework will allow WRAP to evaluate some of these programmes and model their potential delivery changes in the future. Thanks to our deep-rooted commitment to waste analysis and experience in these projects for over thirty years, M·E·L Waste Insights were able to demonstrate a sound knowledge base and forward-thinking approach to waste analysis, and were successfully appointed onto the WRAP framework in December 2020.

The purpose of the framework will enable WRAP to identify recyclable materials remaining in residual waste, identify contamination levels in recyclable materials, correlate arisings of waste and recyclable materials and calculate capture rates and diversion rates. These Waste Composition studies will enable WRAP to inform communications with citizens and businesses, provide data that will inform policy, aid Authority improvements at a local and national level, support changes in collection services and waste processing infrastructure and assess the success of pilots, trials and communications designed for capturing materials for recycling.

‘’We are delighted to be appointed one of four suppliers onto the WRAP Waste Composition Framework. We look forward to working with WRAP in 2021 and beyond, supporting them in their diverse portfolio of important programmes through measuring and evaluating local, regional and national projects’’

Darren Coss, Director, M·E·L Waste Insights