We’re back in the field!

Since the end of March, all scheduled waste analysis fieldwork was postponed in line with COVID-19 government guidelines. The composition of household waste and recycling streams has also seen changes in light of more working from home and schools being closed.

After the gradual easing of lockdown over the last few weeks, along with changes in the way we work, we have now resumed waste analysis fieldwork! We have of course changed the way we are carrying out activities to reduce the risk to our fieldworkers and our clients. These include COVID-19 specific risk assessments and method statements, using enhanced PPE, appropriate social distancing guidelines and following control measures when working at third party premises.

After a difficult four months, we are looking forward to getting back to providing the services that M·E·L Waste Insights is known for, to help our clients evaluate their current and future waste and recycling schemes.

If you would like to talk to one of the team about a project or brief for M·E·L Waste Insights, please call 0121 333 1961 or email info@melwasteinsights.co.uk