Local & Central Government

Local and central government increasingly require up-to-date waste management research and statistical insight. The complex and inter-twined fields of disposal behaviours, diversion targets and behaviour change in modern waste management, makes targeted and localised projects a necessity both in terms of environmental and budgetary considerations. 

M·E·L Waste Insights is the national market leader in analysing municipal waste and understanding household waste behaviour. Our founder Directors were the first to prove the link between households’ consumer behaviour and environmental attitudes; the waste they generate; and their likelihood to recycle.

We pioneered the UK’s first practical survey techniques for the sampling and hand-sorting of household waste and we defined the nationally-accepted standard classification of 168 categories breaking down the contents of the nation’s dustbin.

We have written WRAP’s definitive guide to the barriers that prevent households from recycling as much as they could. From this we have developed techniques for delivering behaviour change messages tailored to highly-specific types of household.

The troublesome territory of recycling in flats, and the challenges in getting the UK’s increasingly diverse ethnic populations to recycle effectively, are a distinctive feature of our specialist work.

As the UK's leading waste analysis company, we are often approached by waste management consultancies and service providers to contribute to national pieces of work which inform future strategy and policy on specific issues. Over the years we have contributed to large scale projects for:

  • WRAP
  • Welsh Government
  • Environment Agency
  • Ofgem
  • Environmental Services Association