Behaviour Change and Communication Surveys

Back in 2003, we pioneered the first major household waste behaviour change campaign in the UK: 'Don't let Devon go to Waste'. Since then, householders’ waste and recycling behaviours have become more of a household norm. In order to make a real difference, our key focus is using targeted techniques to generate individual and household behaviour change and understand which key groups to target with certain messages.

Using this focused approach has an additional benefit of using stretched council budgets more effectively, with greater return on investment. Campaign messages are devised through an understanding of what is driving residents' behaviours, and working to overcome potential barriers on the doorstep. As authors of the first WRAP 'Barriers to Recycling' report, we have an in-depth understanding of motivators and barriers to people's levels of recycling competence, and know how to use this insight to change residents' behaviours.

Beyond waste and resources, we also focus on environmental behaviours, as well as health and lifestyle behaviours. We evaluate pilot schemes and programmes to find out what has worked, what impact they have had and what lessons can be learned for future behaviour change campaigns or services.


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