Bespoke Dataset Analysis

Alongside our primary research and technical services, M·E·L Waste Insights is able to provide a number of other research support services to help clients build their evidence base. These include evaluation support, as well as statistical advice.

Over the years we have carried out hundreds of waste compositional analysis projects. This allows us to provide statistical meta-data for all types of composition research, whether it's for specific materials, waste streams, geographical regions, or area types such as urban/rural. We have the in-house expertise to include the most relevant datasets and the specialist waste statistical knowledge to provide the most robust outputs. 

Under license from CACI, we also have in-house access to powerful socio demographic profiling for every UK postcode. This means we can provide in-depth socio demographic segmentation and GIS services for most client requirements.


For more information about our services, contact Philp Wells on 0121 333 1962 or email