Waste Compositional Analysis

We are the UK's leading provider of municipal waste compositional analysis, having delivered hundreds of compositional projects over the last 30 years. We work across the UK for local authorities, waste management companies and other organisations requiring waste analysis services.

We were the first to develop modern techniques, employing skilled analysts to characterise the composition of waste materials, and are one of only a handful of suppliers on the WRAP framework for Waste Analysis. We are experts in devising representative sampling techniques for all types of projects, and are happy to carry out large multi-phase projects, as well as smaller, bespoke commissions.

We have an in-house team of around 30 waste analysts, who are professionally supervised by experienced team leaders. We offer three main types of waste analysis service:

• Waste material flow analysis of kerbside collected, HWRC and trade waste streams
• Disposal facilities feedstock and output analysis including IVCs, MRFs and transfer stations
• Feedstock analysis of energy from waste plants to understand composition, CV and chemical analysis.

We can provide information on current topical issues such as single use plastics and food waste (over purchasing, home compostable/non home compostable etc). 

For more information about our services, contact Philip Wells on 0121 333 1962 or email philip.wells@melwasteinsights.co.uk